About Us

“Algorithms are not arbiters of objective truth and fairness simply because they're math.” - Zoe Quinn

We are an organization of people who focuses on Data Structure and Algorithms. It is our goal to provide access to well written, well-explained programs and knowledge that improve people's lives. We want to enable people to adapt and change code according to their own ideas through an Open Access approach. We bring amazing people together to code algorithms and share our work for the benefit of all.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You should be aware of basics of any one of programming languages like C++, C, Python, Java, etc.
We cater for all levels of coding ability, and are always delighted to meet students who have already attended other coding courses or taught themselves some programming. Rest assured, students of any coding level will find plenty of challenges to keep them busy!
All our coding contributions and coding take place online via github.
Algo Phantom is an open source organization which focuses on Data Structure and Algorithm contribution by assignees to projects provided on github by organization. This organization not only helps you to enrich your learned skills but also pushes you to learn new skills and concepts out of your comfort zone.